PEKEV® has raised the standard in terms of protection. In comparison to aramid fibers, PEKEV® is thinner, lighter, and stronger. In addition PEKEV® is more durable and stable.

PEKEV® lining is specifically engineered to protect you against impact, abrasions, and lacerations during the few high risk seconds during an accident. It passed the EN 13595-1 test in 10.83 seconds giving it a CE level II (2-two) certification, while the required time to pass this test is 2 seconds for level-1 and 7 seconds for level-2. 

Exposure to sunlight, washing, and with time all aramid fibers degrade their protective qualities. PEKEV® on the other hand isn’t affected by UV radiation, bleach, detergents, washing and moisture. We invite you to ride safe, in-style and comfort, day after day after day in motorcycle apparel designed and made by Resurgence using PEKEV®.